Fixing my water heater…

Somehow someway my water heater broke. Nobody really ever thinks about the water heater totally try to use the shower and there’s no hot water. I’m in rather good spirits over this whole thing, even though it’s totally crap.


So it was an evening just like every other evening. I came home from work, watch TV for about 30 minutes, and then went to go take a shower. Only this time when I try to get the shower the water was cold. I turn the hot water on more, but it never got warmer. I really didn’t want to take a cold shower, so I didn’t. Then I eat dinner and went to go wash off my dishes. You want to guess what happened next?

That’s right…

There was no hot water. So dawned on me that there is no hot water at all in the house anywhere, I went to the hot water heater closet to check it out. I open the door I noticed instantly that the entire carpet is soaking wet. I’m knocking alike, I was a little upset. Not just something broken I have to fix it, was like holy crap I had no idea how much I depend on hot water torture to do a few things to see. It was really a nightmare. I ended up watching like five videos on YouTube about how to fix water heaters turns out this only really two or three connections depending on what kind of have. I did resolve myself to remove the water heater all by myself, but when it came to installing the new unit I ended up calling a local plumber.


First I had to go get a water heater. I’d never tried to buy a water heater before so I was kinda lost. By the time I got to Lowe’s it was starting to get late and I was I wanted to do was take a hot shower. The guy at Lowe’s was actually really nice. Help me pick a water heater that was right size for my house, without spinning a ship ton of money. I also had to call local moving company to have them deliver it. Lowe’s would’ve delivered it, but it would’ve been a week and a half before I got it to my house. There was no way I was going to wait a week and a half to take a hot shower.


So long story short I have a new hot water heater and it works very well.